Pension Freedom - Cash, Annuity or Drawdown? That is the question!

Converting a pension pot into cash or income, after the age of 55, involves making one of the most important and difficult decisions in personal finance.

This site provides information and calculators to help individual clients and professional advisers make the right annuity or drawdown decisions and is run by well known expert Billy Burrows

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The retirement journey - questions and answers. Sponsored by Prudential

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You and Your Pension Pot - A guide to pension options for the over 55s

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Latest annuity rates and unique annuity charts with data going back 20 years

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Retirement income marketplace (including free guides)

Learn all about the annuity and drawdown options and compare all the leading product solutions in my unique marketplace where you can look but cannot buy.

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I advise individual clients on all aspects of annuities and drawdown (Better Retirement) and I provided information and resources for financial advisers.

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About this site

This site is run and updated by William Burrows who is an independent expert on annuities and drawdown. All the of information and the guides published on this site are independent and unbiased.

In order to provide you with free and high quality content, parts of this site are sponsored by some pension companies. All of our sponsors recognise the importance of providing you with independent and unbiased information about the new retirement options and therefore respect my independence and do not seek to exert undue influence.

This sponsorship does not any way affect the independence of the site.

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