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Lifetime annuity 

Guaranteed income payments for life. Can also be investment linked Lifetime annuity

Purchased life annuity  

Annuities purchased from private capital (not pensions) Purchased life annuity

Fixed term income 

Guaranteed income for set number of years Fixed term income

Combination plans & blended solutions 

A combination of annuity and drawdown income in one single plan Combination plans & blended solutions

Unit-linked guarantees / Guaranteed drawdown 

Income guarantees with investment "lock in" Unit-linked guarantees / Guaranteed drawdown

Drawdown plans 

Regular income direct from pension pot Drawdown plans

Self Invested Personal pensions (SIPP) 

SIPP Self Invested Personal pensions (SIPP)

Funds suitable for drawdown  

Multi asset funds, structured products and ETFs Funds suitable for drawdown

IFA services 

Services such as quote portals and medical underwriting IFA services



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