What is the ‘Retirement Income Marketplace?

It is a comprehensive directory of all the popular retirement income policies and plans and offered by the major insurance and pension companies.

The main focus is on the options for converting a pension pot into cash or income and including:

  • Annuity policies -
  • Drawdown plans -
  • Investment funds suitable for drawdown

The marketplace is for information only - you can look but not buy.

Unique research tool

The main reason for developing the marketplace was to create a place where people can compare and contrast all of the relevant annuity and drawdown products in the market.

Before I launched my marketplace there was no single centralised place to compare the options and costs of annuity and drawdown plans. Now it is possible for both industry professional and individual clients to research the whole market:

  • Independent professional advisers – can meet their regulatory requirements to give advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market
  • Individual clients – can do their own research (don’t forget to contact me for advice)
  • Pension scheme trustees and advisers – can use to the marketplace to educate members about the full range of options available

Brilliant educational and learning resources

The marketplace also has a number of free guides and calculators to help advisers and their clients learn about the relevant retirement income options.

  • Free guides
  • Annuity and drawdown calculators
  • Interactive charts

Totally independent

The marketplace is independent of the product providers and is maintained without any financial support or influence from them.

I did ask some providers to sponsor the marketplace but as there was no support for this I have decided that is much better to be totally independent and unbiased. On reflection, this is the best solution because a marketplace free from provider influence must be a good thing.

However, I do need some financial support and this will be in the form of sponsoring independent guides, the skills of the trade and other sources of information. Where there is sponsorship it will be clearly labelled and will not compromise my independence.


The information is provided in good faith and although every effort is made to make sure the information and links are accurate and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions.

information shown in no way constitutes advice and is provided for information purposes only.

More information

Do contact me if you have any questions or want any more information.

Even better if you are a product provider and would like to sponsor or support some of the work I am doing.