The 'Skills of the trade' - (helping advisers give better advice)

In order to provide your clients with the best possible advice about their retirement income options you will need to have some specialist skills. Some, but not all, of these skills can be learned via exams, from product providers or through your own experience. My unique ‘Skills of the trade’ will help you equip yourself with all the specialist skills you need to be able to provide expert advice.

Follow the trends

You can't predict the future but you can follow the latest trends for annuities and the markets

Relationship skills

A good advice process takes account of emotional and behavioural factors

Risk management

The 'risk dilemma' - Why do many people take either too much risk or not enough risk?

Product knowledge

My unique 'retirement marketplace' will enable you to fully research the whole marketplace


Do you know the Money Purchase Annual Allowance from the Annual Allowance?


How do you set up the most tax efficient income strategy?